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I’ve always wondered what I will feel like waking up the morning of my wedding! How my heart will feel & what will be going through my mind & thoughts. I’ve photographed so many weddings with werner for picture me&u & always wonder how the bride’s morning must have been like, did she sleep well, how she felt when she opened her eyes & what she did before everything of her wedding day ‘started’! In my next blog post I pour my heart out & share my full wedding story ( it’s going to be a BIG one ) …with all my favourite wedding pictures… but today I just want to share a little bit about the morning of my wedding!

We wanted everything about our wedding to be personal… also why I decided to ‘get ready’ at our apartment in Pretoria. I wanted to be calm, have things that might be needed close-by + myself & werner always love taking photos of our clients in their homes, it tells such a beautiful story.

I had a really good sleep…woke up & things felt unreal… it was not as calm as I hoped for, haha ( I mean… what bride goes & decorates her wedding cakes at 7am at the wedding venue… uhm; me ) …but that’s a story for next week! Family arrived on schedule, music was playing in the background & the ‘girly’ stuff got going! I had my ‘relaxing’ bath with candles ( a quick one ) & in between finished all our bouquets & the men’s boutonniere’s from flowers we collected at markets, the streets ( spring was in the air!) & our garden.

But today’s blog post is dedicated entirely to a friend I carry very close to my heart… Rachelle! ‘Thank you’ will never be enough! Months before the wedding she said she’ll treat us with this wedding breakfast brunch! SHE styled & made & did everything… even painted the vintage cupboard to match with all the other pretties! While we were getting all glammed up in our garden, she worked her sexy butt off in the kitchen! It was thanks to YOU I got a little time to slow down… take it all in & sit calmly with my sisters, mom & now mom-in-law; laughing & getting beautifully emotional about everything the day still had in store while we munched on the most delicious homemade sugar syrup waffles with white chocolate ganache & turkish delight! We sipped on pink champagne & enjoyed ‘to-pretty-to-eat’ macaroons!

Rachelle… my beautiful friend… I love you so much! Thank you for this wedding gift & all the pretties & such a special + delicious brunch! Thank you for being such a massive inspiration to me in every aspect of your life… you’re the most amazing mom to your four little ones, such a successful business woman, a loving wife to your husband & you are super talented, strong… & you inspire me! Always stay the beautiful woman that you are !!!


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