My heart is EXCITED! The right time has finally arrived to share the new with all of you; the friends, the family, the clients, the followers, the dreamers & the inspirers…

It has been coming for some time, but has blossomed into something so much more than just a graphic design & stationery company… has grown into a place where we inspire others to live a beautiful lifestyle. We have inspired others to start their own business’ & be their own bosses, to create, to make & to dream & we’re ready to inspire even more… inspire to live a life filled with whimsy & a life that you absolutely love & a life that’s absolutely beautiful!

In celebration of this new season, not just in my life, but also the rest of the team, we have made some beautiful changes to our brand’s identity!!


a little history (when I started this company I wanted something personal) It’s the first letter of my name & the word ‘studio’ just suited… I also loved the word ‘studio’ ( for me the word ‘studio’ led the platform for a place to be creative … Any kind of creative I wanted it to be. )

some of my favourite’ words include…


Our ‘m’ is now often used in color, patterns & pretties! It gives us freedom to play around with trends & seasons. Our new ‘m’ also avoids confusion… We have been called some pretty funny names… from ‘my studio’ to ‘i love my studio’ & I am positive this teeny change will help our new & future clients read & understand our name more clearly & easily. ( P.S. there are so many’s across the world… It is only our domain & social media handles that are listed with the little ‘i love’ bits… It was at that time the only most suited words available & I kinda loved it… still do & we knew that you would too! )

Facebook : @ilovemstudio

Instagram : @ilovemstudio ( we’ll be keeping this profile for portfolio work & our beautiful products )

Instagram : @mariaan_mstudio ( I’ll be using my current profile for some more personal things & behind the scenes )


My clientele has grown towards working with a lot more fellow creative business owners than corporate ( even though I love you both ) when it comes to designing their brand’s entire ‘look & feel’, from logo development to all the other elements from packaging to digital designs & during the design process we always end up with the coolest words for these companies who do not have slogans yet. I have never really had a purposeful slogan… Just an overload of descriptive words & I really needed a special & meaningful one… One that was strong, to the point & one that we can put up on our studio wall & inspire us with every project!

‘inspiring to live a beautiful life’


This is who are, what we strive towards & who we have always been… ( it just took me some time to realize )


  • Our online shop is fresher, faster & bigger!
  • Pay directly & safely online with your credit card.
  • My personal blog – super excited about this one!
  • We moved our studio & factory into a bigger warehouse – it’s a pretty awesome space!
  • We welcomed a beautiful new member to our team; Leandri.
  • If you want to stock in your retail gift shop – you will get your own login details to place your order & pay directly online – Goodbye long order forms.
  • More regular newsletters via email – sign up here if you haven’t already!

I am so grateful for each & everyone who has supported us in every aspect of & I am so excited about the beautiful future ahead… the best is yet to be!

I have written another ( more personal ) blog post about the effects these changes have had on me & my business; you can read all about it here. ( if you’re a fellow #girlboss, I know you will enjoy this one… all I can say is take the time you need to do the things you need to do… slow has a deeper meaning & there is no need for so much pressure, we need to enjoy our lives too! )