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Spring is my most favourite time of the year!!! 

Here, in South Africa, ‘spring’ falls over the month of September. It’s a time of the year when flowers bloom & blossom… It’s a time when nature spoils us with the most beautiful colors all around us & it’s just amazing that we get to experience this EVERY year! As I’ve grown a little older my deep love, appreciation & ‘awe’ ( a feeling of reverential respect mixed with wonder ) for flowers have ‘grown’ immensely!

I also married Werner, my sweetest husband, soul mate, business partner & best friend in the SPRING of 2017. We filled my bouquet, hair & wedding details with cherry blossoms that my Mom gathered from our neighbourhood. I cherish the delicate little cherry blossom flower the most… for reasons I do not exactly know yet. I also really dream of one day experiencing the cherry blossoms season in Japan with Werner!!!

Spring, for me, is a season of ‘new’! It’s a time to bloom & blossom… it symbolises a time for fresh starts in whichever aspect of life where it’s needed… our careers, personal stuff, emotional stuff, relationships etc. Maybe it’s also just a time for us to love ourselves a little more & appreciate our life’s journey a little more, a time when we should put fresh flowers somewhere in our homes & spaces where we can appreciate this delicate, perfect & colorful piece of earth that just BLOSSOMS.

In the past, I hosted my annual #mstudiospringbrunch for M.studio’s clients, our brand ambassadors, bloggers I often work with & fellow industry friends. I received so many requests to open this event to the public as well & in 2020… I did JUST THAT… I invited all of YOU to come & brunch with me.

The M.studio Spring Brunch is an inspirational morning spent with beautiful people, in a beautiful space, surrounded by flowers, inspiration & beautiful food. It’s a morning dedicated to just taking a break, spoiling yourself with some ‘me’-time & networking with a bunch of pretty inspiring & strong women ( mammas, friends, sisters, #girlbosses, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, corporates etc etc. ) . We all, basically, spend the morning mingling, chatting & also of course… stuffing our faces with vanilla konfetti cake!

Words cannot express what a beautiful day this year’s spring brunch was with all of you. ( especially in a year like ‘this’ one… a year that’s been ‘different’ for all of us. ) 

I tried my best to share everything about this day in this blogpost… from setup to event day! There were cherry blossoms… lots & lots of them! I hope to host another one in Sept 2021 & maybe we’ll do one in Cape Town too… let’s see where this creative journey takes me next year! THANK YOU to each & every lady who supported me & continue to support my journey! Without you… beautiful M.studio events like this will not be possible.

I would also like to send so much love to each & every creative who worked with me on this M.studio event! I want to thank you for following your heart & also doing what you love… because through that, you are inspiring my heart & those of many others, to also create, make & follow their creative curiosities. BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL…

HELLO TIMBER – one of my most favourite venue spaces in Gauteng

A SEED TO SOW – this girl is just amazing with flowers

SARIE TYDSKRIF – dankie vir ons elkeen se bederf, julle is vir ons ‘n inspirasie

EATRITE & YUM STUDIO – you have spoiled us with bags & bags & bags full of treats

WHISK AWAY – best homemade ice cream in the world

JAURNE ILLUSTRATES – this girl! …gifted each girl with the most beautiful personal illustration 

KONFETTI LOVE – prettiest decor details

PILATES BY LUCINDA – thank you for gifting each lady with a pilates class!

TISH & SHOO – prettiest tissue paper details for the M.studio goodie bags.

ANSU VISSER – girl, thanks for the freakin’ beautiful spring brunch film


( also throwing in a SPECIAL thank you to my family… everything I do won’t ever be possible without you… you always just show up to assist, unpack, run, pick up, wrap & deal with all the behind the scenes… I LOVE YOU! )

…Flowers grow without anyone asking them to grow, they just grow… & sometimes they even grow in the most difficult spaces & places. They are a symbol of this beautiful thing called ‘life’ & how we need to experience the seasons in our lives as much as we experience them in nature. We need to allow things to flow & respect where we are NOW. So go buy yourself some flowers girl! ( I do it often! ) Put them in beautiful jars & when you look at them feel what you need to feel & also… just love & adore them for their beauty!

Sending you all so much love!


here we go!!! …full day of setup that ended with the most amazing golden sunset amongst a beautiful mess, a mess that I absolutely love, & always comes with ‘getting ready’…

M.studio Spring Brunch day…


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