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The most inspiring and colourful female networking event in South Africa… M.studio’s annual Spring Brunch throwbacks are a creative feast for your eyes!

We celebrated the start of spring and summer with ‘LIFE IS PEACHY’ as the theme for 2022’s Spring Brunch. It was a female-empowered morning full of peaches & blossoms… picture me&u documented and captured all the peachy moments for us!

Corks&bubbles welcomed the ladies at Hello Timber with delicious drinks at their tuk-tuk as we kicked off a morning filled with inspiration, networking, flowers, spoils, great music by Wesley West. A delicious brunch was prepared by feed food studio with freshly baked, naturally-coloured pink and purple sourdough bagels baked by Grace&Crumbs.

Love&sparkles made all my event signage visions come to life. I designed the signage and goodie bag artwork in Adobe Illustrator which they then screen printed and laser cut from acrylic that matched the event’s colour palette. ( *you can also learn to design beautiful details like this at one of my International design workshops )

Consol Glass spoiled each lady with a pink water bottle, because yes, a girl’s gotta stay hydrated while writing in her M.studio Beautiful Life Planner and using all her favourite M.studio planning tools. During the event everyone also got to fill a Consol Glass jar with their favourite spring beauties to take home. Blooms to place in your home office with the intention to refill when buying flowers FOR YOURSELF (because we should totally buy ourselves flowers more often!) Team A seed to sow curated and styled everything floral at this year’s event!

Home/Tuis magazine inspired us with so many beautiful ideas from the issue we received to create a home and workspace that we ABSOLUTELY love. We mingled, laughed and networked whilst sipping on  The Duchess’s  delicious elderflower drink in one hand and flowers in the other! Instax, you guys are the bomb. Thank you for making sure the M.studio community of women got to capture all their sweet spring brunch moments in style with your squareilicious Fujifilm Instax SQ1 Instant Film Cameras.

Oh! And I did the most beautiful spring-summer dress collaboration with Truly Yours Clothing this year and we launched the limited-edition range on spring brunch weekend… They were a HIT! I also want to throw in a special thanks to Divine Nails & Beauty Boutique for our spoils, team Beauty Gen for the goodies and the lovely giveaway from Styled by Emma Christina.

Team Konfetti Love made all our event decor and styling dreams come true… I loved conceptualizing with them and designing the details for the M.studio ‘TAKE WHAT YOU NEED’ station. This (to me) was the most intentional event spoil of the day… I designed beautiful affirmation cards that the attendees could take home and stick to their mirror or in a place where they could read them every day… I wanted them to really take a moment and TAKE what they needed for this new season in their lives… That is: SELF-LOVE, PATIENCE, CALMNESS, KINDNESS, CONFIDENCE &/or ABUNDANCE…

Outside & In magazine, thank you for reminding all the ladies to love everything green and growing in our homes and our gardens. We loved peeking through the pages of the issue and enjoying all the refreshing flavours from Pura Soda!

If you have been following my journey over the past few years, you’ll know there was A LOT of movement and change, but Cape Town is finally HOME for me and the place where I want to plant my roots! I was blessed to work with Alichia from a Journey to Joy earlier this year on my journey towards ‘owning less’ and living more organized. She made such a massive impact on my life and it was such an honour to have her and her beautiful brand part of this year’s spring brunch! Cheers to a beautiful new season with Boschendal bubbles and Whisk Away Ice Cream popsicles.

I wanted you all to remember that Life really is Peachy if you let it be… I designed cute little vinyl cut-outs and had so much fun making them with Cricut… 2022 was my first year working with the Cricut team and I am extremely excited about the future of creativity and living beautifully with them here at M.studio.

To the Keepsake Studio, thanks for the most adorable handmade flower-preserved resin hair clips you made for each lady. Forever wearing these flowers in our hair with a pretty dress! No M.studio event or workshop is complete without treats and cookies in packaging designed by M.studio from one of our biggest clients ( you might have seen these in the SLOW lounges on the airports. )

And finally, as always, it was an absolute dream working with Team Guddle to make M.studio’s events Pinterest perfect for all those social selfies and content!

I try to do something special for myself every year when it’s Spring in South Africa. This year was a BIG one as I welcomed a new hairstyle ( ‘bob’ ) after having really long hair for more than 20 years! ( there’s a more personal story behind this change… but that story deserves a post on its own. ) Team Lovingly, THANKS for making me the PRETTIEST and MOST BEAUTIFUL pink and floral and sparkly Spring Brunch outfit ever.

I loved celebrating everything beautiful and inspiring with ALL OF YOU!
Let’s do it all again soon love’lies! #mstudiospringbrunch


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