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It’s with the greatest excitement in my heart that I kick off my first blog post for 2022 with THIS one… & it’s a BIG one !!!

This M.studio annual event literally went from sprouting to blooming & doubled in size. I loved working with a bunch of my favourite suppliers again & we got to add some of my favourite well known brands to the goodie bags to make this day even prettier.

Flowers make people HAPPY.
It’s not just a feeling, it’s a fact…
They trigger all those happy brain chemicals…
DOPAMINE – flowers bring so much joy.
SEROTONIN – flowers make you feel happy.
OXYTOCIN – flowers bring feelings of love & connection.

In 2021 I wanted to make all the M.studio community ladies really HAPPY
I wanted to inspire them, I wanted them to feel excited about THIS new season…
because SPRING is a time for NEW’ness in so many areas of our lives!

We went all ‘citrus’ inspired as the theme for 2021’s Spring Brunch…
BECAUSE ‘when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade’ &
WE NEED TO ‘live our ( beautiful ) lives with zest’ ( *always )

We pinned blooms in our hair & wore our favourite + brightest dresses. It was 2 days full of inspiration, flowers, spoils, great music, networking, a delicious brunch, pink lemonade & citrus flavored ice cream.


a BIG THANK YOU to my Spring Brunch Dream Team

( *a day like this would not be possible without you! You are all, as always… an inspiration to me too! Make sure to check out the beautiful mess we made at the end of the weekend… carried 100s of flowers outside & danced amongst the balloons… I am so excited to see what we’ll make & create together in 2022 ! )

photography // PICTURE ME&U
florals // A SEED TO SOW
styling & decor details // KONFETTI LOVE
ice cream // WHISK AWAY
music // LUCINDA
cocktails // CORKS & BUBBLES
sponsorships // GUDDLE
lifestyle spoils // SARIE MAGAZINE
beauty spoils // WELLA

a SPECIAL thanks for gifting each lady with your beautiful products & services:

Feed Food Studio / Truly yours clothing / The keepsake studio / Alè.within you
Tarryn and Craig Ceramics / Flawless makeup / Avenue

See all you babes in September 2022 again!!


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