2016 was as always, a BUSY year for me! I did, saw, experienced & learned a lot! 2016 was the first year I actually reached some of the personal goals I set out for myself end of 2015 & they weren’t big goals, but goals that really improved my life in every way… I rushed less, slept more ( did not have 1 all-nighter ), I enjoyed my work more ( did less but with intention ), I got really organized & decluttered my personal & workspace ( it took months to get all the ‘stuff’ sorted & there is still a little left to do… but we’re getting there! ) & I started following a healthier lifestyle when it comes to eating & living balanced.

Some of my highlights of 2016…

The best thing about 2016 is definitely that I got engaged to the most beautiful person in my life… my best friend & business partner, Werner, in Barcelona, Spain !!!! We’ve ‘been together for more than 8 years, photographed 175+ weddings since we started our business in 2009 ( www.picturemeandu.com ) & in 2017 it’s FINALLY our turn to ‘tie the knot’ & throw 1 hell of a wedding with all the ones we carry close to our hearts !!!! #wmbothabruilof

Werner made this little video announcement for us just after he proposed… he made homemade enchiladas & we drank Spanish champagne on a rooftop in Barcelona!


I travelled to Europe for a month with Werner! We visited Barcelona ( Spain ), Paris ( France ) & Amsterdam ( Holland ) & came back broke… it was worth it!! Picture me&u also photographed Eve & Jeremy’s countryside wedding in Hendaye during this time ( Hendaye is a little coastal town on the border of Spain & France )

We had a really lovely family holiday in Kwazulu-Natal. It was the first time in quite a while we had all of us together on a beach holiday ( my parents, 3 sisters + each of our partners! ). Times like these I treasure even more as I get older!


I started Blooming Blushes with a friend, a few months back, which I hope to spend some more time on this year! We did our first big market, Tierlantynkies & won the 2nd prize for best stand design! Thank you to Hertex Fabrics for treating us with a voucher which we really spoiled ourselves with! & thank you to Natja, from the Natja Reney brand ( a REALLY talented friend ) who helped us with styling & setup! 

Our little M.studio shop In Pretoria celebrated its 1st birthday !!! I’ve been wanting to share some pics from the day we opened! Thank you to Natja again for her styling skills, Karien from Whisk Away for treating us with her delicious homemade ice-cream & Tharien from Swagger design for helping me with the beautiful interior layout of my entire shop!

Picture me&u were invited by Finesse magazine to document the #netmatrieks boat cruise on board the MSC cruise ship! We spent 5 days & 4 nights sailing the ocean, passing by Maputo ( Mozambique ) & spending a day on a Portuguese Island. If you haven’t ‘been on board the MSC… you should totally plan it on your adventure list for the future!

I designed & launched the M.studioBeautiful Life Planner’! This is my biggest project for M.studio up to now & I have so much planned for this product for the future. I am so excited about the community of women who are already using them & the ones on their way to many more beautiful woman! I am excited to have all of you onboard this project & know that this tool will help you live the most beautiful life ever! 

A Reminder to be grateful for every experience, person encountered & memory made! Here’s to many many many more!