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So excited to share the first post ( of a few to come ) of my wedding! I hope that if you’re a bride planning your wedding or a bridesmaid for a friend that this post will inspire you to make the best of this very special time in all of your lives!

I have worked with 100’s of bridesmaids at weddings for our other company picture me&u & choosing a bridesmaid is so much more than just wearing a pretty dress while standing next to the bride on her wedding day. It’s friends who will help when things get tight & there’s a last-minute rush ( which there will always be when there’s a wedding – it’s part of the fun! ) They will even take off from work a few days prior especially if you are having a DIY wedding. They will help with pick-ups & deliveries. It’s girls who will pamper & treat you like crazy throughout the process & plan the most amazing kitchen tea & bachelorette party ever… because they love you & they’d love to do it for you because you’ll do the same for them! They will remember champagne & macaroons for the make-up & prepping the morning of the wedding and add extra tissues in their handbags just in case you have a teary moment during the church ceremony… because if you’re a bride… this will be the last thing you’ll think about! Being a bridesmaid is hard work, but it’s also a very special job to have for a very short time!

It was a very difficult task to choose my bridesmaids for my wedding… My life is busy & the time I have is spent with friends who I really care about, who make a difference in my life & that’s really special to me.

To all my dearest, most amazing, special, beautiful girlfriends ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ‘cause you were at my wedding! ) you were all my bridesmaids… but for my wedding, I didn’t want you to work… I wanted you to come & relax & party & celebrate with me & Werner! I had my 2 gorgeous sisters to help with the ‘behind-the-scenes’ bits & pieces.

I wanted to do something really special for my two sisters to officially ask them to be my bridesmaids, I really wanted to treat & pamper them ‘cause I just love them both to bits!  

My mom & I baked & decorated the beautiful vanilla white chocolate cake, we bought some pink macaroons & pink+copper painted cookies from mmmmacarons & scouted Woolworths for their most beautiful bottled drinks & champagne. I made them each a beautiful flower crown from freshly picked flowers & filled up pretty little copper wire gift baskets which I got from @home with pretty pamper goodies which I designed & applied to items I bought from mr.price home & clicks. I surprised them one morning at my fellow #girlboss friend, Jeanel’s, gorgeous venue: lace on timber… with a little celebration table! We drank pink champagne from cute vintage crystal glasses, ate berry flavoured macaroons & munched on the most prettiest & delicious cake!


If you’re planning on making gift bags for your bridesmaids… get some of the products that I also used here :

& remember to share the prettiness on social media if you use our goodies – we would love to see what you make & create !!! @ilovemstudio & #ilovemstudio



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