This space, not only celebrates living a beautiful life, but it’s also the place for my work in design, products & stationery. I share & write about the beautiful places & spaces I’ve been fortunate enough to see all around the world, I tell some personal stories about life, running a business & married life with my husband, Werner ( who is a filmmaker & loves cooking. ) We’re also business partners over at picture me&u, together we travel the world & document beautiful couples on their wedding / elopement day.

South Africa is home ( most of the time ), but as I’ve grown a little older… home, for me, is really just a place where I can feel loved, be myself, do what I love & be with the people I care about. I find inspiration in every day life, the food we eat, the people we meet, the words we read, nature & the places we see.

Over the last 10years, I’ve spent my career journey doing a lot of creative work… locally & internationally. I’ve worked with well known industry names on branding, product & packaging designs. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my work published in magazines, featured on blogs & I’ve even been on tv. I’ve styled events & stores, photographed some amazing stuff, worked on conceptualization & content creation. I’ve also owned & managed my own cute little retail shop. It’s really been a series of projects, events, places, people & experiences that has brought me HERE…

Today I have my own product range & online store. I design & source beautiful products that focus on lifestyle & stationery that empowers self love, organising & living purposefully. Each year, I work with a selected amount of clients from all around the world to bring together their design needs in branding. I also write… because life is full of ‘stuff’ & writing helps me make sense of it all.

I’m striving towards a more simple life. I’m selective by choosing to do work that only brings me joy. I’m striving towards not owning so much ‘stuff’ but learning to surrender to minimalism. I’m living a more holistic & healthier life. I’ve made peace with knowing that we will never stop learning & things will never stop changing.

Welcome to my M.studio community, I’m grateful to have you here! I hope that through the things I write & the products I create… it can help you in living your most beautiful life too…